Annie Coetzee

Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and MC - Johannesburg
Annie Coetzee


Annie Coetzee offers a number of services, to name a few: Power Hour (a selection of presentations) with topics covering: 'who put you in your box', 'Vision', 'Give a gift of personal investment' and more..

Annie also offers emcee services, team building and ladies mornings (helping ladies to use a "light touch" to score serious points in the corporate environment)

Annie also offers a number of in-house training courses:

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Corporate World
  • The Power of Speech
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Self-Empowerment for Beginners in the Working World
  • Creating the Chemistry for Peak Performance
  • Team Building – with special focus on the development of Emotional Intelligence

Annie is the Director of Creative Brain Management, an Associate and Representative of the Creativity Foundation of SA. She gained excellent training, both nationally and internationally and has become an expert in the Training of the Intelligences – unleashing maximum human potential. Her experiences in research and training have focussed on the developing adult – striving to find his purpose in life and live his destiny. This includes quality of life and a PASSION for excellence.

Annie’s absorbing interest in matters of the spirit, mind and body, have influenced a number of medical surgeons, such as Neuro, Heart and Orthopaedic Specialists to assist her with advice and case-studies. This dimension of her work has added enormous VALUE and ACCURACY to her presentations. She is not just an expert on the subject of ‘Developing the individual as a whole’ but also a Professional Toastmaster who has excellent experience in dealing with audience demands and feedback. With a number of awards behind her name, including ‘Toastmaster of the Year’ (1995) and ‘Communicator of the Year’ (2004) she is quickly becoming one of South Africa’s most capable and popular Inspirational Speakers. As a Human Intelligence Consultant, Inspirational Trainer and Conference Speaker, she is both a reflective thinker and practical academic.

Annie Coetzee


During a recent International Conference on Creativity, Dr. Andrei Aleinikov – President of the MEGA INNOVATIVE MIND INSTITUTE in Atlanta USA, said this about Annie: "Annie is certainly world class. SA has a gifted Trainer here. The best MC I have ever seen – humorous, inventive, cute hearty – simply one ball of wonder." She left her position as a Personality Development Researcher at the University of Stellenbosch, SA in 1986 when she became one of the Founder Members of the Creativity Foundation of SA. Since then she pursued her career as an Academic Researcher on Personal Empowerment – which naturally developed into a Speaking and Training Profession.

Annie’s interest in the subject of ‘Body Wisdom’ (One of the 11 Intelligences of the human being) relates well to the young professional person - as well as the active senior person who still wants to innovate and live a creative and fulfilling life. Due to her passion and in-depth research on the topic of longevity, she has developed the first ever PROGRAM in South Africa on ‘Life begins at 40’ which include outstanding suggestions and activities to assist people in “Growing older without growing OLD” Her focus is on creative living and everlasting success.

"Are you connected" & "The power of creative life"

Annie is the Author of four self-empowerment books. Her first book became a best seller within one year. Since then, her other books are also top sellers in the competitive market of self-help reading. Annie’s latest book, “The POWER of a Creative Life!” was launched in September 2005 and takes you on a relaxed, yet creative journey - trusting that you too will discover how inner thoughts, talks and feelings can become your greatest assets in attaining the abundant life.

"This book has changed my life. It takes your mind and challenges the way you think. It grabs your eyes and questions the vision you have. It then draws your attention to the way you SPEAK and the words you utter and helps you to get rid of bad speaking habits. Just when you think you have been fully enlightened about self-empowerment, the author assists you in taking a fresh look at your HEART and the feelings you have (with excellent advice!) She teaches about creative energy in a way that is inspiring and pleasantly challenging! I have many self-help books on my shelves, but THIS one I will read regularly and never stop growing!"

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