Chantell Ilbury

Motivational Speaker, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker - Cape Town
Chantell Ilbury


She is the co-author with Clem Sunter of The Mind of a Fox, Games Foxes Play and Socrates and the Fox - published together in 2011 as The Fox Trilogy. Her 4th book, A Fox’s Tale: Insights from one of Africa’s most creative strategic thinkers, was published by Penguin in July 2016.

Chantell Ilbury is a renowned strategist, facilitator, speaker, best-selling business author, and founding partner of Mindofafox and its education and training arm, Growing Foxes. A specialist in scenarios, she guides executive teams through strategic conversations across a diverse array of sectors, including energy, resources, mining, agriculture, transportation, industry, health, retail and manufacturing. She draws on experience working globally, as far afield as the UK, Ireland, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Australia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Singapore, India, Mauritius, Réunion Island, as well as throughout Africa. She lectures strategy at various business schools and is an executive fellow of Strathmore University.

Talk topics

As a speaker, Chantell specialises in strategic thinking and the structure of strategic conversations. Shock events of the last few years have compounded the uncertainty that businesses have to face with a world that is changing so rapidly, so there is a greater demand to reassess standard approaches to strategy. Her latest talks focus on this.

Here is a list of her current talks - Title + focus area + [synopsis]:

  1. Dynamic World, Dynamic Thinkers - Developing dynamic decision-making capacity for leaders in a world undergoing rapid change. [In this talk, Chantell will explain why standard approaches to strategy risk redundancy in the face of ongoing global change, and provides a framework for using scenarios to ensure strategic decision-making is agile and adaptive, instead of purely reactive].
  2. Rethinking stakeholders - Effectively managing complex stakeholder engagement and relationships. [In this talk Chantell will show why ‘stakeholders’ now bring a greater complexity, and explains how to rethink them to manage this complexity more effectively and bring greater alignment for your purpose].
  3. Reimagining your meaning of winning - Long-term sustainability, and bringing balance to the bottom-line. [In this talk Chantell explains how businesses are no longer measured purely on profit, but on a scale of broader, ever-changing metrics - some beyond their control - and how to consider purpose, play and performance in line with these metrics to produce a more sustainable meaning of ‘winning’.


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