Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

‘A Future Thinker’ - The Business and Environmental Technologist - Cape Town & Johannesburg
Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline


Jean-Pierre has worked in over 300 types of industries in one capacity or another. In addition, he has travelled to over 40 cities World-wide. His own online businesses have generated millions of Rands and involve sectors including Law, Web & App development, Events & Entertainment, Property, Technical Services, Media and Tourism, and these are just a few that can be mentioned. Jean-Pierre specializes in using technology to innovate and give a business or an organization the ‘future’ edge.

For his Clients: assessments, consulting and designing strategies that are efficient and sustainable are some of the services he enjoys offering the most. He will often be found working with SMMEs and start-ups. Jean-Pierre relishes his time with larger organizations, helping with digital marketing plans and roll out, or researching and implementing technical solutions within a business’s supply chain to improve results and making the most of opportunities presented by I4.0 and IoT.

The Person.

Jean-Pierre was born the same year the Internet was launched (1983) and his life to date has been equally assorted with experiences. He is part of an extremely large but unfortunately divided family, born with a rare eye condition called Duane’s Eye Syndrome, (resulted in some self-confidence issues as a child), leaving him to prefer spending time by himself dismantling and rebuilding gadgets and PCs. His love for tech started really early in life. He grew up in a humble suburb in Cape Town called Southfield. During his early teen years the family home burnt down and he spent his remaining childhood living with extended family. All of his schooling was Catholic.

In high school, Jean-Pierre started several small projects to generate an income and also helped teach lessons for a company called Future Kids, a business that provided computer literacy for learners and parents.

Jean-Pierre was never a traditional or fully engaged student and worked more outside of school than in classrooms. After matriculating he started his own company and by the age of nineteen had invoiced his first million. Around the same time, he launched an NPO and has maintained several community projects over the years.

Jean-Pierre has an eccentric character and a uniquely brilliant brand of care and attention for people and business. He is adapt at seeing a far bigger picture and playing the game three steps ahead, all the while mitigating risks and engaging with opportunity.

In his early twenties he met a tradesman from UK who introduced him to internet marketing and a business model selling tours to Botswana. Jean-Pierre adapted these lessons and used this model to launch several small e-businesses, these enabled him to travel around the World which exposed him to many market sectors that helped develop his distinctive style of business dexterity. He never desired to run a gargantuan corporate and ‘business’ was always meant to be a ‘tool’ to enable more important life objectives.

Life progressed, he fell deeply in love, got married, several years passed, his mother in law had a stroke, moved to Johannesburg, and then he suffered a divorce which effected his momentum. These experiences necessitated self-reflection which inspired him to write, and that is how it came to be he was offered a publishing contract from a UK/LA publishing house. Jean-Pierre continued to write, but his subjects gravitated back towards his career interest and now he focuses on ethical and sustainable living and business, with the smart use of Technology.

Today, Jean-Pierre maintains a robust passion for innovative business and entrepreneurs. On the other side of the same coin, he is a dedicated advocate of ‘change’, sharing information and options on smart tech and processes for people, communities and businesses to embrace so that they can operate within an eco-system in a sustainable, smart, efficient and ethical manner.

Keynote Talks

Jean-Pierre can talk on an extensive range of topics. Custom talks can be prepared on special request. His four primary talks are exceptionally relevant and offer extremely good incite to the most important issues of our day.

‘The Now’

  • Trends, Changes and Global influences.
  • Technological, social, economic, political and environmental.
  • Global Warming. Pandemics & Natural Disasters.

‘Healthy & Ethical Technologies and Human Practices.’

  • Tech use, e-habits, e-safety, processes & e-health.
  • Efficiencies, balance and benefits.
  • Sustainable and Green Solutions.

‘The E-Business’

  • Digital Tools and E-Environment landscape.
  • Digital Frontier. E-Money. Smart Cities. Industry 4.0. Subscription & circular economy.
  • IoT, VR, AR, E-Crime and e-risks. The Metaverse.

‘The Future’

  • Scenarios for business, communities and the environment.
  • The ‘Future Thinker’. Observing and acting.
  • A picture of an ideal Future World and its parts.





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